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  New Year's day origin

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 New Year's day origin  Empty
PostSubject: New Year's day origin     New Year's day origin  EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 3:04 am

"New" yuan ", refers to start, is the first meaning, every few beginning called "yuan", "Denier", XiangXingZi, above the "day" refers to
the sun, "a" representative below the horizon. "Denier" namely the sun rising slowly on the horizon, the symbol of the day's start.
People put "yuan" and "denier" talaq, extended to combine the first day of the New Year begins. New Year's day is also called "ternary",
namely the yuan, months of age of yuan yuan,. New Year's day the word begins with the memorial rituals, tang and five sovereigns FangXuanLing etc.
Write the chapter "upload:" in the MengChun emperor xu is yuan, when the spring of New Year's day is shomer." Namely the called yuan, of the first
eruptions. In the interface LanZiYun beam people azariah poems also cloud: "four gas new New Year's day, WanShouChu today."
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New Year's day origin
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