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  Chinese Spring Festival couplet

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 Chinese Spring Festival couplet Empty
PostSubject: Chinese Spring Festival couplet    Chinese Spring Festival couplet EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 3:04 pm

Spring Festival couplets on, also call spring posts, couplet, subsidiary, TaoFu etc,
it with neatly, dual, concise, delicate words describe era background, to express
good wishes, is China's peculiar form of literature. Every Spring Festival, no matter
the cities or the countryside, every household will select a pair of bright red
couplets stuck on the door, for the festival increases festive atmosphere. This
custom plays in song dynasty, in the Ming dynasty in qing dynasty, Spring Festival
couplets prevailed, the thoughts and artistry had the very big enhancement, LiangZhang
torque write the couplets monograph trap couplet plexus words "on the couplet origin
and characteristic of various works are discussed.
Spring Festival couplets species more, according to its use place, can be divided into
the door, frame of mind, HengPi, ChunTiao, DouFang etc. "Door heart" stuck on the
door plank upper center part, "The box of" stick in about two doorposts, "HengPi"
stuck on the door MDM the crossbar, "ChunTiao" according to different content, stick
to the corresponding place, "Dou jin" also called "door leaf," for the diamond, post
more sudoku in furniture, YingBi
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Chinese Spring Festival couplet
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