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  America's New Year's eve

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PostSubject: America's New Year's eve     America's New Year's eve EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 3:13 am

America's New Year's eve, people outside open a bonfire. Night at twelve o 'clock, everybody together chenmiji have thrown into the fire, and burned,
and around the fire and dance, carnival and dawn. [1]
New Year is the nation states celebrate the main consistent festivals. But in the United States, New Year, far less than Thanksgiving or Christmas so
busy. Americans spend the New Year. The most lively is New Year's eve at night. Throughout the night, churches held worship. People gathered in church,
street or square, sing, praying, blessing, 203 regrets, and greeting the used updated with instant. Midnight 12 o 'clock, the national church bell chorus.
Band playing famous nostalgic song "farewell". In music, the excited people embrace together, even strangers person also can kiss each other. People like
this with the feeling of sadness and farewell party for new life yearning common greeting in the New Year
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America's New Year's eve
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