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 Gary Waddingham, worker at Brough for 24 years

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PostSubject: Gary Waddingham, worker at Brough for 24 years   Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:35 am

I haven't really thought about getting a new job. We will manage.

My family has been able to save up and pay off the mortgage, but other families will lose their homes.

I was expecting it sometime in the future but not now. I thought we would get another order but it hasn't happened.
Michael, worker from Blackburn

Rumours have been rife for a couple of weeks now.

I heard confirmation of these rumours on the radio on Sunday, not by formal notification of possible redundancies by a shop floor briefing etc.

BAE has a poor record of communication amongst our workforce. This only highlights this inadequacy in my opinion.

Personally I gave up a relatively secure job of many years to fulfil a lifelong ambition to work for BAE.

So having worked there only a couple of years, redundancy now would devastate me.
Anonymous, Lancashire

I'm scared that I will lose my job at BAE, being a single mum.

They have a cheek, after offering us a 3% pay rise only last week.

BAE has and always will be top heavy, skilled workers being sacrificed for governance, too many management and executives.

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Gary Waddingham, worker at Brough for 24 years
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